Divertity Statement/Declaración sobre la diversidad

I did some research about diversity statements:

A diversity statement is a personal essay that is a depiction of your past experiences and explains how these experiences have contributed to your personal and professional growth. It allows the applicant the opportunity to explain to a search committee the distinct qualities and commitment s/he can bring to the table.


Four steps to create your diversity statement are:

  1. Provide Your Context. This is where you write your life’s story

  2. Identify Your Diversity Conflict. Why are you committed to diversity?

  3. Demonstrate Your Commitment. How do you demonstrate your commitment to diversity?

  4. Revise and Refine Your Statement.


Kompanic Diversity Statement (DEI – Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion)

Kompanic is a company that was born in México in the middle of the pandemic. It was founded by a Mexican who later in the time obtained an immigration status as an United States citizen. All his working life, he collaborated with people from different socioeconomic and educational backgrounds and his goal was the same every time: to give each one of them the opportunity to grow and to be better than yesterday. Consequently, he learned from those people too.  At Kompanic, we believe that all individuals are equal and have the right to participate in equitable projects where strengths can flourish. We embrace diversity: religion, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds, physical characteristics, nationality, or sexual preference; it doesn’t matter to us. Diversity is a good and positive mindset because it brings us new ideas, new ways of thinking and new behaviors; in that way, our old paradigm is improving every day keeping us at the forefront of innovation and inclusive worldview. We believe that the most important thing in human beings is a bold personality and the audacity to solve problems for our heroes (our customers). We all just want a better life for our loved ones. 

Kómpanic es una empresa que nació en México en medio de la pandemia. Fue fundada por un mexicano que posteriormente obtuvo un estatus migratorio como ciudadano de los Estados Unidos. Durante toda su vida laboral colaboró con personas de diferentes niveles socioeconómicos y educativos y su objetivo siempre fue el mismo: darles a cada uno la oportunidad de crecer y ser mejores que ayer. En consecuencia, también aprendió de esas personas. En Kómpanic, creemos que todas las personas son iguales y tienen derecho a participar en proyectos equitativos donde pueden florecer las fortalezas. Aceptamos la diversidad: religión, antecedentes étnicos y lingüísticos, características físicas, nacionalidad o preferencia sexual. La diversidad es una mentalidad buena y positiva porque nos trae nuevas ideas, nuevas formas de pensar y nuevos comportamientos; de esa manera, nuestro viejo paradigma está mejorando cada día manteniéndonos a la vanguardia de la innovación y la visión mundial inclusiva. Creemos que lo más importante en los seres humanos es una personalidad audaz y el arrojo para resolver los problemas de nuestros héroes (nuestros clientes). Todos queremos una vida mejor para nuestros seres queridos. 

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